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Rochelle_House_2013-45Songs from a Bookmark presents 13 songs that I wrote during the 20 years I spent away from the studio and the world of music. While raising four wild and creative artists I wrote these songs, mostly during nap times in the garden with my guitar. But I had forgotten about these songs until, in 2005, I found a bookmark listing these songs on it. Each song had two or three chords scribbled next to it. I have just finished recording these songs and am excited to be releasing  my third CD, Songs from a Bookmark,  recorded at London Bridge Studio with Andy Coe co-producing and on guitars, Keith Lowe on bass, and D’Vonne Lewis on drums.


A broad emotional palette, capable of expressing tenderness and acceptance and disarming openheartedness, undergird this winning disc, a front-runner, for this year’s Northwest best album of the year. Earshot Jazz Magazine, March 2009

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