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POSTED ON September 15, 2018

I joined the gym!!!!!!

Yesterday as I was putting my stuff in a locker
I said the woman next to me
“I am new here and a little late for yoga class.
Do you think it would be okay if I just slip in late?”

She said “Oh yeah thats not a problem”
and then she went on to tell me how doing yoga is spiritually dangerous and that
she knew a woman who got cancer because she refused to stop doing yoga poses.
Because doing  yoga is unchristian and sickening,
because when you do yoga,
you bow to a religion that is isn’t Christianity.

I listened politely like a good christian, even though I was late for class,
and then I said, “Well….hopefully it will work out for me”

And then I went to class and bowed down
to all that is Holy in this world and beyond. 

#IbowbeforeGod  #Godiseverywhere #lockerroomtalk

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