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new poster

POSTED ON January 22, 2019

POSTED ON October 19, 2018

“As an artist, creator and dreamer of this world, we ask you not to be discouraged by what you see but to use your own lives, and by extension your art, as vehicles for the construction of peace.”–Wayne Shorter + Herbie Hancock

every voice is beautiful

POSTED ON October 16, 2018

Every voice is beautiful. If you want to sing but are too shy . . .

If your childhood choir director told you to silently mouth the words . . .

Whether you are preparing for a recording session or an absolute beginner, I can help.

Teaching singing lessons in a fun, relaxed environment.

Singing lessons

Got the poster today

POSTED ON September 19, 2018


POSTED ON September 15, 2018

I joined the gym!!!!!!

Yesterday as I was putting my stuff in a locker
I said the woman next to me
“I am new here and a little late for yoga class.
Do you think it would be okay if I just slip in late?”

She said “Oh yeah thats not a problem”
and then she went on to tell me how doing yoga is spiritually dangerous and that
she knew a woman who got cancer because she refused to stop doing yoga poses.
Because doing  yoga is unchristian and sickening,
because when you do yoga,
you bow to a religion that is isn’t Christianity.

I listened politely like a good christian, even though I was late for class,
and then I said, “Well….hopefully it will work out for me”

And then I went to class and bowed down
to all that is Holy in this world and beyond. 

#IbowbeforeGod  #Godiseverywhere #lockerroomtalk

I’ll be teaching “Singing with Jazz Trio” at Jazz Night School this semester

POSTED ON September 13, 2018

If you love to sing and you love Jazz
and you want to learn to sing with a jazz trio
this might be a good place for you to start.

I will teach on Wednesday evenings  6:15-8:45

Jazz Night School


Night Out

POSTED ON July 18, 2018

POSTED ON June 09, 2018

Hello There,
I have the very good fortune
to be singing in two duos this week.

On Tuesday- Guitar and Voice
I will be singing with Andy Coe
in the Musicquarium Lounge
come for Cocktail Hour
from 5- 7:30pm
come afterwork or before the show.
Musicquarium Lounge at The Triple Door

On Wednesday- Bass and Voice
I will be singing with Evan Flory Barnes.
from 730-930pm in a tiny Mt Baker hideaway, called The Saloon

visit my website

Andy Coe and I  playing music in a Garden.

Evan and I, playing a sensitive set
in a loud Sports bar

I hope you are all enjoying these beautiful days.

Testimonial Tuesday

POSTED ON June 05, 2018

“Before I moved to New York from Seattle, Rochelle House’s singing lessons were the highlight of my week. Her fun and focused lessons helped me reach new levels of using my voice. While working with Rochelle, I increased flexibility, confidence, and strength in all areas of my life. She is an amazing teacher!” Rosemary Carroll

Pop Conference

POSTED ON April 09, 2018

Last year I missed because I was in Punjab but this year i won’t miss it

I love the Pop Music Conference

If you get a chance to come down to the MoPop Museum

this sunday a birth songs sound healing prenatal mothers circle

POSTED ON March 21, 2018

birth songs sound healing prenatal mothers circle

Come to North Bend and hear some Jazz Music

POSTED ON March 12, 2018

March 22 at Wild Flower Wine Shop

Music Class for Kids

POSTED ON January 22, 2018

Thanks to the good people Seattle Office of Arts and Culture for sponsoring todays lesson.#mycityofmusic

Life long Learning

Life long Learning

tomorrow night at the royal room

POSTED ON January 08, 2018

I am so looking forward to singing with Andy Coe and D’Vonne Lewis and Evan Flory Barnes
tomorrow evening at The Royal Room .

Guitarist Andy Coe teaching us about flangers and delays.

A small grant to the teach music to the children in the lofts.

POSTED ON January 04, 2018

Thanks to the good people at the Seattle  Office of Arts and Culture
I will be offering some music lessons to the children of the Mt Baker Artist Lofts.
Stay tuned for updates

I Love Teaching Singing

POSTED ON September 28, 2017

I am accepting singing students.
Send me an email me if you want to sing but are too shy.
Or if you want to sing jazz but you only sing opera…or if you want to write songs….
or are if you are pregnant and want to learn about Birth Songs.


Testimonial Time

POSTED ON September 27, 2017

It is with deep empathy and a singularly unique passion that Rochelle House displays her vocal quality and original compositions. She has a way of grabbing you, the audience/listener, and pulling you into the moment of that exact moment, HER moment in whatever tune she is singing. Even with her cover of instrumental tunes, one gets the sense that she is feeling the music’s message all the way to her core.
– Dawn Clement, jazz pianist/vocalist

I love singing at weddings and private celebrations

POSTED ON September 25, 2017

Garden Party with Andy Coe 

POSTED ON September 13, 2017

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