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more from Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorters letter

POSTED ON March 11, 2016

“We are not alone. We do not exist alone and we cannot create alone. What this world needs is a humanistic awakening of the desire to raise one’s life condition to a place where our actions are rooted in altruism and compassion. You cannot hide behind a profession or instrument; you have to be human. Focus your energy on becoming the best human you can be. Focus on developing empathy and compassion. Through the process you’ll tap into a wealth of inspiration rooted in the complexity and curiosity of what it means to simply exist on this planet. Music is but a drop in the ocean of life….” –Herbie hancock and Wayne Shorter -Open Letter to Artists

An open letter from the musical giants – Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock

POSTED ON March 11, 2016

“As an artist, creator and dreamer of this world, we ask you not to be discouraged by what you see but to use your own lives, and by extension your art, as vehicles for the construction of peace….”Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock open letter

Los Angeles in March

POSTED ON March 03, 2016

Enjoying some warm weather this week in Los Angeles.
Absorbing some sunlight to last me through the long grey months ahead in Seattle.

Catch the Train, Drink some Coffee, Hear us Play Music

POSTED ON November 03, 2015

On the 21st of November at 7:30pm Alex Chadsey and I will be performing music from 730 to 930 pm12120333_1513837658936308_177579110_nAs representatives  of the Seattle City of Music and Port of Seattle  Alex Chadsey and I
have been playing music together at Seatac Airport for the last few months.
We also both live in the Artist Lofts at Rainier and Martin Luther King.
These Mt. Baker Artist Lofts share our bottom floor with a preschool,
two Art Galleries and the new coffee house, Compadre Coffee.
Compadre Coffee has quickly become a place for the artists in the building to hang out
and enjoy good coffee, our neighbors, and free wifi.
It also catches a flow of folks coming and going from the Mt Baker Light Rail Station just steps away.
On the 21st of November Alex Chadsey and I will be performing music
from 730 to 930 pm. No cover
Just catch the light rail over, buy some coffee, toss something into the band’s tip jar and enjoy.

Peace Rochelle

Introduction to Birth Songs this thursday

POSTED ON October 05, 2015

Rochelle Birth Songs, Editedclick here for more info

I want to sing at your private events.

POSTED ON September 16, 2015

I am sitting  in the window of ‘Compadre Coffee’ preparing myself to ask my good neighbor
for some help making postcards and a business card.
I need one for each of the following:
Birth Songs-
Private Event- Cool Jazz
Private Singing Lessons-
Biz card-
What else? What about a card for a community singing class?



The first song I ever wrote.

POSTED ON September 09, 2015

The ‘Children’s Choir’ is now ‘Experience Music Class’ and it starts next monday

POSTED ON September 09, 2015

Click on the following link to see what we are doing.!about1/c1tzo


“Equinox” with my lyrics

POSTED ON September 03, 2015

nice vibe at Louisa’s with Darrius Willrich

POSTED ON August 16, 2015

Darrius and Rochelle

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